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Dubai Travel Guide

It’s hard to believe when confronting the sheer scale of Dubai, but most of the city was built in just the last 50 years. It makes the world’s biggest shopping mall, tallest skyscraper, and a host of ultra-luxurious hotels all the more bewildering. Still, amid all the glamor and superlatives, there are vestiges of a pre-skyscraper Dubai, in its winding souks and the vast empty desert that surrounds the city. Here’s how to navigate both sides of this always-growing metropolis.

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What to Do in Old Dubai: Our Guide

A historical neighborhood where colorful wooden dhows bob, and there's not a mega-mall in sight.

How to Make the Most of Your Layover in Dubai

You’d be amazed at how much you could squeeze in on a 24-hour layover. From culture to beaches (even spas!), here’s everything you could reasonably fit into one day


Where to Stay in Dubai Right Now

The global, ever-growing hub of the United Arab Emirates has a high bar for new hotels—and it only seems to be getting higher.

Inside Dubai's Miracle Gardens, Where Used Cars Become Oversized Flower Pots

What do you do with a used Mercedes in Dubai? Fill it with flowers, of course. That's what the planners of the emirate's latest over-the-top tourist attraction did in creating Miracle Gardens—click through to check out the extravagant blooms.

35 Best Hotels in Dubai

We’ve eliminated the guesswork and rounded up 36 of our favorite Dubai hotels, for all budgets, ages, and travel preferences.

Explore the Inspiring Parts of Dubai with Photographer Rhiannon Taylor

Produced by Condé Nast Traveler with Conrad Hotels & Resorts | Rhiannon Taylor continues her journey at Conrad Dubai where she connects with photographer Katarina Premfors and explores famed Dubai markets followed by a tour of Fossil Rock and a round of Dune Bashing in the desert.

Andrew Zimmern's Back-Alley Tour of Dubai Dining

Some of the city's most surprising and delicious flavors hail from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and more.

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A Local’s Guide to Dubai, UAE

Designer Latifa Al Gurg on the United Arab Emirates.
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The airport has seen one billion passengers pass through in the past 58 years, and has emerged as a go-to stopover destination.
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The city is becoming an epicenter for global fitness trends.